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Cristian Perez Brokate


Entrepreneur d'Intérêt Général is equivalent to the Presidential Innovation Fellows in the US. This program hires Entrepreneurs for a 10 months mission, in order to bring digital transformation in the French Administration, and make use of public Data.

I'm implementing image recognition algorithms using deep learning for the French National agency for automated offence processing (ANTAI).

Jan 2019 - Nov 2019 10 months
Develop entire data products and analysis using machine learning tools:
  • Prediction models for finance and insurance French companies
  • Implement a deep learning object detection algorithm for a British start-up
  • Develop a movement prediction model for a robot using a LSTM model
  • Create a recommendation system for French bank website
  • Build interactive dashboards and web apps using
Jan 2017 - Jan 2019 2 years
  • Study of the competition between general and localized corrosion with stochastic numerical modelling.
  • Parallel programming using CUDA language in NVIDIA GPU
  • Data analysis and visualization using python , Gnuplot and R /
Nov 2013 - Oct 2016 3 years

Part time

  • Write content about AI from a specialized point of view
  • Development of an application to collect news in the AI fields and share them with the community
  • French AI ecosystem mapping using crunchbase API
2018 - Present 1.2 years
  • Website development using accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and jekyll static site generator
  • Development of a tweet wall application using mongodb, express, and
2017 - 2018 1 years

Teaching of practical courses on thermodynamics (heat exchangers and centrifugal pumps)

2014 - 2016 2 years



Université Pierre et Marie Curie

PhD in Physical chemistry


École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris

Master in Materials, Processing and Modelling


École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Metz

Engineer + Master in Materials and Production


Universidad Industrial de Santander

Engineer in Mechanical Engineering



Awarded to exceptional university graduates from developing countries to help fund studies towards the Ph.D. degree at a university outside his home country
Artistic contest related to science, organized by Doctoral association of Sorbonne University and UPMC.


  • 2016 Oral presentation in WP Nuclear Corrosion EUROCORR 2016 Montpelier, France (best presentation award). "Pitting corrosion modelling by means of a stochastic cellular automata based model"
  • 2016 Oral presentation CORROSION 2016 Vancouver, Canada.

    Corrosion modeling using 3D probabilistic cellular automata based model

  • 2015 Poster EUROCORR 2015 Graz, Austria. "Corrosion modelling by cellular automata"
  • 2014 Oral presentation ACRI 2014 Krakow, Poland. "Overview of cellular automaton models for corrosion"


Citations of my articles might be found at Google Scholar and Research Gate.

PhD Thesis

Uniform and localized corrosion modelling by means of probabilistic cellular automata
Cristian Perez Brokate Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, 2016

Journal Articles

Contribution of cellular automata to the understanding of corrosion phenomena
Mariem Zenkri, Dung di Caprio, Cristian Felipe Pérez-Brokate, Damien Féron, Jacques de Lamare
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Probabilistic cellular automata model of generalized corrosion
Cristian Felipe Pérez-Brokate, Dung di Caprio, Damien Féron, Jacques de Lamare, Annie Chaussé
Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, vol. 52, pp. 186-193 Aug. 2017

Pitting corrosion modelling by means of a stochastic cellular automata-based model
Cristian Felipe Pérez-Brokate, Dung di Caprio, Damien Féron, Jacques de Lamare, Annie Chaussé
Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, vol. 52, pp. 1-6 Apr. 2017

Three dimensional discrete stochastic model of occluded corrosion cell
Cristian Felipe Pérez-Brokate, Dung di Caprio, Damien Féron, Jacques de Lamare, Annie Chaussé
Corrosion Science, vol. 111, pp. 230–241 Oct. 2016

Cyclic voltammetry simulations with cellular automata
Cristian Felipe Pérez-Brokate, Dung di Caprio, Éric Mahé, Damien Féron, Jacques de Lamare
Journal of Computational Science, vol. 11, pp. 269–278 Nov. 2015

Nanostructured bulk Mg + MgO composite synthesized through arc plasma evaporation and high pressure torsion for H-storage application
J. X. Zou, C. F. Pérez-Brokate, R. Arruffat, B. Bolle, J. J. Fundenberger, X. Q. Zeng, T. Grosdidier, and W. J. Ding
Materials Science and Engineering B, vol. 183, pp. 1–5 Apr. 2014

Conference proceedings

Overview of Cellular Automaton Models for Corrosion
C. F. Pérez-Brokate, D. di Caprio, D. Féron, J. D. Lamare, and A. Chaussé
Cellular Automata, J. Wąs, G. C. Sirakoulis, and S. Bandini, Eds. Springer International Publishing, pp.187–196. 2014

3D finite element thermomechanical modelling of the primary cooling for beam-blanks continuous casting
M. Bellet, C. F. Pérez-Brokate, P. Hubsch
8th European Continuous Casting Conference, pp. 1220. 2014