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This posts shows how to include bulma css classes inside a jekyll website but keeping good performance from AMP websites
Aug 22, 2018
Docker allows to easily deploy a monitoring system using beautiful Grafana dashboards and connected with optimized data sources with Influxdb and Collectd
Aug 14, 2018
Interactive visualizations allows the reader to explore data for differents points of views. Javascript library Dc.js allows to combine multi variable firlters to the analysis.
Feb 18, 2018
This projects uses NLP to classify a user review as useful or not useful. Best practices for a data science project such as document structure, documentation and virtual environment are used
Jan 5, 2018
This post shows how to implemented a simple algorithm to detect a document inside and scanned image using python and the image processing library opencv
Dec 3, 2017
A marathon needs to be prepared for at least 3 months. This post shows my preparation training and a prediction of my time for the Metz Marathon 2017
Aug 13, 2017