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The Digital Sobriety Strategy: Make our Planet Green Again
After the United States pulled out of the Paris Agreement in 2017, French president Emmanuel Macron expressed his interest to join the climate change battle. He offered world scientists and entrepreneurs work in France in order to make our planet great again. Two years later I would like to analyse how France is doing on this engagement and how AI is contributing to it.

  New Cities Editorial  07 May 2019

World Summit AI 2018
Last 10th October the World Summit in Artificial Intelligence took place at Amsterdam with more than 4000 attendees, doubling the number of attendees from last year. This annual event bring together practitioners, influencers and users of applied artificial intelligence.

  Kernix blog  25 Jan 2019

Open data sets sources
Data is the main element in every project of the Startup Weekend in Artificial Intelligence. This article presents a top down view of some of the most important datasets sources available in the web.

  Medium  12 Oct 2018

The year for chatbot industrialisation
The word Chatbot has been trending since 2016, when Facebook launched their messenger bots, and since then we’ve seen an increased interest in developing this new way of interaction with the technology.

  Medium  02 May 2018

Paris, the site of an AI Renaissance
As the world has entered into a new era of technological transition, Paris is leading the way for France, and on the race to gain back the delay and learn from its mistakes, erasing 30 years of underperformance in innovation.It’s time to be facing the issues we’re addressing today (labor market, industry shifts, brain drain, policy, ethics, democratisation..) and shape the future as we know it, and one that we all want to live in.

  Medium  02 May 2018

World Summit AI 2017
Last 11 and 12 October, the Kernix Lab was in Amsterdam to be a part of the World's Tech AI Summit thanks to the job done with Global Startup Weekend AI. This event brought together over a hundred of the leading experts in artificial intelligence with more than 2000 of the world's most active AI explorers.

  Kernix blog  22 Nov 2017

A fish tale into data science
We took a kaggle competition as a trial project to help us acquire an experience in real world data issues without too much hassle on cleaning and getting the data. The objective of this competition is to contribute to fisheries monitoring by finding the best algorithm classifying into seven species pictures caught from fishing boats.

  Kernix blog  23 Jun 2017