About me

Cristian Perez Brokate

Data scientist in Paris area. I use machine learning, data science and deep learning for data projects using python, javascript & R. I build interactive dashboards and web applications using nodejs, flask, python, Angular, docker.

What I do:

Data modelling

  • Regression and classification algorithms for finance and insurance French companies.
  • Deep learning algorithms for object detection
  • LSTM models for time series prediction in robotics application

Data engineering

  • Collect data from different kinds of sources: social networks, APIs and websites.
  • Save large amounts of data coming at high intensity using a differed processing pipeline.
  • SQL and NoSQL database management (mongodb, neo4j, oracle, MySQL, SQLite)

System management

  • Application deployment using docker container system
  • Cloud computing management using
  • System performance monitoring using telegraf, influxdb and grafana.


  • Interactive dashboard development using javascript libraries such as d3.js, dc.js
  • Web applications using modern frameworks.
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This project implements a deep learning model on a Jetson Nano to count and track people passing in front of a video camera.

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This post shows how to combine resources from a Raspberry pi with object detection algorithms in video streaming application.

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Serverless functions are the new normal. No more worries about server management, just push your code and forget about the rest.

πŸ“…  Nov 25, 2019 programming

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Featured projects

API Personnes dΓ©cΓ©dΓ©es

API for people who died in France from 1970. It has a bulk mode, to process csv files with multiple identities, which can be used to clean..

  typescript   express   swagger
IA Flash

This artificial intelligence application detects a vehicle, its make and model in a photo and a video. It's currently used by French Gover..

  python   opencv   pytorch   sphinx
Object detection application

This application implements state of the art algorithms for object detection with a frontend application to interact with results. It can ..

  python   opencv   angular   raspberrypi   chartjs

A mopidy web interface with snapcast support. The perfect excuse to use state of the art web frameworks and CI/CD workflows.

  svelte   sapper   bulma   github-actions   mopidy
Grafana system monitoring

I adapted multiple monitoring components to deploy easily a monitoring system using tools like Telegraf, Collectd, Influxdb and Grafana.

  grafana   docker   influxdb   telegraf   aws