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Two years data from Withings smart watch

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The withings smart watch looks like a regular watch. It’s very difficult to tell that it has bluetooth and movement sensors inside. In addition it has long duration battery and it’s very elegant.

I have been using the watch during two years. Here you can find some of the insights that the data that the watch collected tell me.

Calendar heatmap of steps

This calendar plot shows the number of daily steps. Each box is a day. It’s interactive, so you can hover your mouse to read the data. The colour meaning is the following:

  • The white means that there are no steps that have been recorded that day.
  • Light blue means that I didn’t walk a lot that day.
  • Dark blue means that I have been walking a lot that day.

I have been wearing the device very often, so you can notice that there are a lot of blue squares. It’s also interesting to see holidays where I walk more than regular.

Daily steps

This chart shows the number of daily steps in a more regular way. You might see the following:

  • I have been walking more at the end of 2016, at the end of my PhD.
  • My walking record is 37k steps, on 14 august 2016. It was on holidays at Italy.

Steps per day

This chart shows the number of daily steps grouped by weekday. You might notice that Saturday is the day when I walk the most and Monday is a very lazy day.

Steps per month

This chart shows the number of daily steps grouped by month. You might notice some seasonal effects.

  • The summer is very active for me. Being July the month when I walk the most.
  • I tend to be more lazy on winter. November is a month where I didn’t walk a lot in two years.


This data helps me to know myself more. Mondays are not my days. Saturdays and Summer are the periods of the time when I walk more.

The code to process data and plot the chatjs graphs can be found in this python notebook.

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